Big idea

Aethon: You’re on!

Aethon, a tech-driven leader in staffing, managed service providing and learning, aims to make a lasting impact on society’s mission-critical sectors. We rebranded Aethon with a new Brand Strategy, -Story, -Theme and Communication Concept. Brought to life in a powerful 360-degree campaign that showcases Aethon’s ability to energize individuals and organizations. Bold imagery of the people working to make a difference in society’s mission-critical sectors plus the new logo and theme, “You’re on!,” perfectly convey this message. The campaign builds on  five captivating stories across all on- and offline channels. Each film highlights a specific public sector and  how Aethon empowers its people to make a positive impact within that sector


“Aethon is committed to lightening the load for public sector organizations. Our refreshed branding amplifies Atheon’s meaningful contribution to society through the specialists it em- and deploys and honors the individuals who are indispensable to a well-functioning society,” Joost van Dijk, CMO of Aethon.

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